Looking at the Year Through the Hebrew Letters

Originally posted on my sister site Beyond the Dalet

Beyond the Dalet

Why I look at the Hebrew Letters

While the feasts are a part of the annual cycle they are not the entirety of the calendar. as wonderful as they are, there is so much more than the Feasts. I appreciate the richness and nuances of the feasts. I see the beauty of Christ in each and every celebration. Acknowledging the feasts has added a colorful and prophetic dimension to my life in Christ. So has studying the scriptures in their original language.

A Spiritual Dimension

alef tav2

The Hebrew letters add a layer of insight to my devotional life, giving me understanding not gained through the English. Unlike the English alphabet the Hebrew is filled with unique attributes and incredible symbolism. Through applying these attributes to the study of God’s word we can gain access to what the mystics refer to as SOD (pronounced with a long ō). Sod is the spiritual…

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