Easter and Passover

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Greetings All

Hope everyone out there is having a great day. Today is Good Friday. It is also Erev Pesach (Passover Eve) since the Hebrew day begins at sundown Passover actually begins tonight.

I went out to run some errands today. Being Good Friday the grocery stores were packed. The parking lots were crowded. I forgot it was Good Friday. We have a great little grocery store in town that has all sorts of international foods. I get honey there. The parking lot is always a nightmare, especially today. Everyone seemed to be impatient. I mumbled something a bit louder than I thought forgetting the window was open. The guy in the car next to me heard me. Thankfully what I said wasn’t awful. We smiled and wished each other a nice weekend. All in all, not too bad.

Waiting in line to purchase my honey I noticed that nearly…

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Happy New Year in the Spring?

From my sister site Beyond the Dalet

Beyond the Dalet

IMG_0379 Mother Nature has gone off her meds again.

It was sunny yesterday. We’ve had a couple of near 70 degree days then this. Gotta love springtime in the Midwest. What comes to mind is what God says to Moses in the beginning of the month of Nisan (in the OT known as Abib)

Exodus 12:2“This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.”

I find God’s statement interesting. This is prior to Passover and the deliverance from Egypt. God had promised deliverance but it hadn’t happened yet. Prior to this the first of the year was is in the month of Tishri on the Hebrew calendar. Tishri is in the Fall. The month in which God spoke this to Moses was Abib, what is now called Nisan. It is in the Spring.

Mark This Day

That would be like celebrating…

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